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3 Ways Liquid Packaging Allows for Greater Brand Creativity

, | April 14, 2023 | By

Brands are always looking for different ways to stand out on the shelves and online shops—but doing so can be difficult. Next-generation liquid packaging printing is changing the game, offering brands a way to customize their designs and reach more consumers while also accelerating sustainability.


Why Flexible Liquid Packaging Is the Future

Liquid packaging is used for a wide array of liquid products across all industries, including personal care, food, household products, pet care, and industrial. Liquid packaging printing consists of all the components that go into printing and developing a package, from the initial design to the actual execution.

Leaders in liquid packaging are tasked with delivering brand value while also addressing sustainability goals and simplifying the supply chain. That’s where flexible liquid packaging printing comes in and why it’s the future for so many brands.

Innovative, flexible packaging offers numerous advantages over traditional bottles that require molds and labels. The unique design of new liquid packaging solutions uses up to 70 percent less plastic than traditional bottles and can incorporate up to 50 percent recycled content—all without compromising durability. 

In addition to cutting down on carbon emissions and waste, these solutions don’t require molds, pumps, or caps, thus improving a brand’s bottom line and enhancing brand value.


How Liquid Packaging Improves Brand Creativity

Telling a cohesive and creative brand story that appeals to consumers is a goal for most companies. However, creativity often exceeds the ability to put the idea into practice because of the limitations presented by the alignment of the labels. 

Liquid package printing enables brands to take their packaging design to the next level and look for new and different ways to attract consumers. Using liquid packaging printing, brands can customize their products to:

1. Enhance the consumer experience.

Liquid packaging helps brands attract consumers and maintain loyalty. The right type of liquid packaging should enhance the consumer experience, from the aesthetics to the experience with and convenience of the package. It starts with enabling creativity with 360-degree artwork, allowing brands to stand out next to competitor products.

With liquid packaging solutions that allow full creativity, brands have limitless opportunities to differentiate from the competition while building greater awareness of their brand and increasing brand value.

2. Tell a unique brand story.

Packaging that tells a strong brand story is reflective of a company that thinks and cares about how its brand is perceived. Using the right combination of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes, you can create the perfect representation for your products and appeal to your specific target audience.

From various shapes and sizes to 360-degree artwork, brands are able to think outside of typical packaging with full-color designs that tell a story while engaging the consumer. This means your brand isn’t limited by the size of the label sticker; instead, with edge-to-edge artwork, you have the entire size of the bottle to work with.

3. Test seasonal packaging.

Molds, pumps, caps, and labels required for traditional bottles present challenges that often limit creativity for seasonal packaging or limited-edition products. 

However, flexible liquid packaging solutions that require no molds, caps, pumps, or lids help to simplify the supply chain, making it easy for brands to switch out designs. This ultimately unlocks the ability to launch temporary packaging for holidays, special campaigns, and limited-edition products, which can urge consumers to immediately purchase the product.


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Reimagine Your Liquid Packaging with AeroFlexx

More and more brands are partnering with AeroFlexx to enhance brand value. Our innovative liquid packaging solutions have no label limitations and 360-degree artwork, allowing the packages to stand out from the competition on store shelves or online. Brands can customize liquid packaging by size, shape, design, and edge-to-edge artwork. 

In addition to removing the limitations of molds, pumps, and caps, the AeroFlexx Pak offers several benefits beyond limitless creativity. For example, the AeroFlexx Pak doesn’t require molds (reducing upfront plastic use), is tamper-proof, offers prep-free shipping, and even has an integrated valve for mess-free, precision dispensing. All of this helps contribute to a simplified supply chain, enhanced sustainability, and an improved bottom line for your company.


Start Thinking Outside of the Bottle

Consumers expect brand packaging to tell a story and enhance their experience with the product. Unfortunately, with rigid bottles, there are a significant amount of limitations preventing brands from delivering on this. Now, next-generation liquid packaging printing is changing the game, offering brands a way to customize their designs and reach more consumers while also accelerating sustainability goals.

Ready to rethink your liquid packaging solution? Check out our infographic and contact our sales team to learn more.


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