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Together, we can build better.

Enhance your consumer experience with innovative liquid packaging solutions.

Three AeroFlexx Paks on a white background
Three AeroFlexx Paks on a white background
Innovative Design

Experience the future of liquid packaging.

At AeroFlexx, we're committed to providing brands with a superior liquid packaging solution that enables a preferred consumer experience, delivers significant brand value, and introduces unprecedented sustainability benefits. 

Person recycling plastic bottles
Sustainably Made

Reduce your environmental footprint.

The unfortunate reality is that while humans create 300 million tons of plastic waste each year, only 15 percent is actually recycled. That means approximately 255 million tons of recyclable plastic are entering our landfills and oceans every year. That’s why AeroFlexx is tackling this issue head-on by reducing our use of plastic at the source.

AeroFlexx is reducing plastic use at the source.

70 %

Less plastic used up front

50 %

Recycled content

73 %

Less water production

81 %

Less waste to landfills

Start thinking outside the bottle.

Young girl using Aeroflexx Pak at dinner to squeeze mustard onto a hot dog

Engineered to last.

Traditional bottles often break or spill during shipping, creating a mess and a painful cost disadvantage for consumers. The AeroFlexx Pak is made of flexible material but designed to act like a rigid bottle, combining the best qualities of both in a single solution.

Person pulling an AeroFlexx Pak out of an envelope

Made durable without waste.

AeroFlexx Paks are purpose-built and adaptable. Each pack we produce provides structural rigidity throughout the product's lifecycle and enables prep-free shipping of liquids in today’s supply chain. These unique features also mean less plastic used up front and an easier squeezing experience.

Woman signing for a package from a delivery person

Streamlined logistics.

With the right production, manufacturing, and transportation process in place, the AeroFlexx Pak arrives in perfect condition and mess-free every time.

Icons illustrating omnichannel readiness over a photo of a store


The AeroFlexx Pak is Amazon ISTA 6 approved for SIOC and over-boxing, so it ships easily in an envelope and eliminates excessive packaging requirements. There's only one SKU for brick-and-mortar. The packs are hermetically sealed and omnichannel-ready right off the filling machine production line. 

AeroFlexx Paks in a recycling bin
Global Impact

Built for environmental sustainability.

The AeroFlexx Pak is designed with sustainability in mind. The AeroFlexx Pak can be made with up to 70 percent less plastic at the source and can incorporate up to 50 percent recycled content, eliminating up to 85 percent virgin plastic compared to a traditional rigid bottle. The AeroFlexx Pak can also be fully curbside-recyclable where all plastic bottles are accepted.

Elevate your consumer experience.

Man bathing dog with pet shampoo in an AeroFlexx Pak
Ease of Use

Preferred experience.

Consumers prefer the experience of the AeroFlexx Pak over a traditional bottle. Our packs are easy to use, won't spill or break, can be used with one hand, and dispense exactly what you need. Consumers simply tear off the top tab and squeeze easily with one hand to dispense the perfect amount.

AeroFlexx Pak with laundry detergent sitting next to folded towels

Self-sealing valve.

There aren't any caps—just a self-sealing valve and quick tear. Your AeroFlexx Pak opens with one tear. Its innovative self-sealing valve won’t leak—even when turned upside down or dropped—and better yet, it will never gunk up!

Mother squeezing baby soap out of an AeroFlexx Pak to bathe child in bathtub

Designed for everyday use.

Our proprietary airframe technology provides structural rigidity throughout the entire package lifecycle that won’t spill, lose shape, or break if it gets dropped.