Making it easy and affordable to transition with amazing brand-ability.

Major brands are checking out AeroFlexx thanks to the easy, cost-effective transition to our innovative no-mold design, which allows for greater brand creativity with no label limitations and 360 degree artwork.


We launched AeroFlexx with the popular 9-oz size with a 360 degree canvas accommodating your brand’s iconic design. We will be focused on 9- to 19-oz. for our initial product offering and looking to expand to 6- to 40-oz., as well as exploring new shapes.

Use Examples

How to Use the AeroFlexx Pak

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Let’s Chat!

Our teams connect to discuss the viability of your brand and products moving to AeroFlexx packaging.


Our team creates a 2D mock-up of what the potential partner’s product would look like in AeroFlexx packaging and sends you samples of products already in the market.


Our team fills pouches with selected partner’s product and provides for testing.


We share key learnings to help your team design artwork and marketing materials for your AeroFlexx packaging.

Full Launch

Unrestricted market level launch.