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AeroFlexx Pak of chocolate syrup
AeroFlexx Pak of chocolate syrup
Man washing his dog with AeroFlexx pet shampoo Packaging
Meeting the Needs of Eco-Conscious Consumers in the Pet Products Industry

Most pet owners consider their pets one of the most important parts of their lives. Pets offer companionship, teach responsibility, entertain, and...

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Woman squeezing baby soap onto a washcloth Design
A Greener Approach to Baby Care: Sustainable Liquid Packaging

Parents of infants seek products that are healthy for their children and convenient to use. As parents increasingly seek sustainable alternatives to...

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How Flexible Packaging Fuels Change in the Oil Industry

Flexible packaging has emerged as the sustainable alternative to plastic rigid bottles in several industries. In the oil industry, a shift to...

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Woman putting toothpaste on her toothbrush Packaging
Sustainable Choices: Redefining Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products for a Better Tomorrow

Similar to other industries, sustainability has become a focal point in the personal care industry. Along with the changes expected from...

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Person taking an AeroFlexx Pak out of a padded envelope Packaging
4 Sustainable Packaging Innovations Available Today

As environmental consciousness has moved from a niche concern to a mainstream movement, personal values have become increasingly important in...

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Why Consumers Love the AeroFlexx Pak: 6 Reasons Your Brand Should Switch

Your brand is responsible for standing out from the crowd, capturing the attention of potential customers, and ultimately providing the best possible...

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Laundry detergent in an AeroFlexx Pak on top of a washing machine Packaging
Supply Chain Management in the Packaging Industry: Key Challenges and Solutions

Packaging affects every operation throughout the supply chain, from planning and the procurement of raw materials to shipping and distribution to...

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Flexible Pouches vs. Rigid Packing: Why the AeroFlexx Pak Is the Better Option

As today’s brands focus more on providing consumers with eco-friendly, durable, and easy-to-use packaging, there are opportunities to consider more...

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Various AeroFlexx Paks with different designs Design
3 Ways Liquid Packaging Allows for Greater Brand Creativity

Brands are always looking for different ways to stand out on the shelves and online shops—but doing so can be difficult. Next-generation liquid...

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