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A Better Liquid Packaging Solution

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Elevate Your Packaging: AeroFlexx Pak Is Captivating the Consumer

You’re ready to accelerate your sustainability efforts without compromising the consumer experience. AeroFlexx has taken the best of rigid and flexible to create a better package and better consumer experience while also helping brands accelerate sustainability goals.

To help businesses like yours, we conducted research to find out the best way to position our AeroFlexx Pak to drive interest. 

Our researchers dove deep, presenting key messages as advertisements to Facebook and Instagram users. After conducting three research sprints focusing on different aspects and benefits of the Pak, we found that messaging resonated with consumers in three primary areas:

  1. Right dose to dispense the exact amount of product
  2. Self-sealing valve with no need to clean up the closure and no cap to close
  3. Sustainable packaging made with less energy, less plastic, and recyclability

By filling out the form, you’ll learn all about our methodology, metrics, target audiences, results, and—most importantly—how we use our messaging to help you effectively market your product once you switch to the AeroFlexx Pak.

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