Experience the future of liquids packaging, today.

Making everyday life better for the consumer, brand and planet.

The first flexible package designed to act like a rigid bottle.

Integrated Valve

Eliminates need for discrete closures and enhances consumer use experience

Proprietary Air Frame Technology

Provides structural rigidity throughout entire package lifecycle


AeroFlexx offers unparalleled sustainability for consumers and brands and is capable of being curbside recyclable. That means less waste in landfills and the ocean.


From design to production and filling to delivery, AeroFlexx offers brands a true end-to-end, omnichannel solution for liquids packaging.

The end-to-end, omnichannel solution for liquids packaging.

From design to production and filling to delivery, we’re here every step of the way. AeroFlexx is a vertically-integrated production equipment and packaging solution provider with a full range of professional services to support our customers throughout the packaging process – whether brands purchase and utilize AeroFlexx machinery or rely on AeroFlexx to fill packages for them.

Flexible filling options from AeroFlexx.

AeroFlexx offers flexible options for your product filling needs. 1) We Fill. AeroFlexx fills your product at our location in West Chester, OH. 2) You Fill. An AeroFlexx filling line is deployed at your location of choice. 3) Comanufacture. AeroFlexx leverages our network of contract manufacturing partners or your preferred contract manufacturer to fill our packages to your specifications.


AeroFlexx liquids packaging provides a preferred consumer experience across every key market: Personal Care, Food, Household Products, Pet Care, and Industrial.

What you need to know about AeroFlexx for your market and consumer need.


AeroFlexx eliminates up to 70% of plastic vs. comparable volume bottles, while also eliminating costly and unsustainable supply chain inefficiencies.


Easy, one-handed, drip free dispensing with a self-sealing valve that won’t leak or create gunky product build-up.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

AeroFlexx always saves our customer money across a range of operational dimensions. Contact us to learn how.

Omnichannel Optimized

One SKU across all delivery method needs with less e-commerce waste for ease of delivery.

Consumer Preferred

A high percentage of our online business is subscription based. Develop committed repeat customers with AeroFlexx.

Do more, with less.

Designed to be easier to use and produce, AeroFlexx packages also significantly reduce the amount of plastic and e-commerce waste used with our airframe technology and smart squeeze valve doing the work, so you don’t have to. AeroFlexx is a true omni-channel solution where SKU does it all, out-performing our competitors all the way to your consumer’s home.

  • Less sourcing and time to produce
  • Less cost to ship
  • Less mess and shipping foul-ups

More to love.


Bottles and Flexible Packages

  • Made with molds that are expensive to change
  • 50-70% more plastic than AeroFlexx
  • Extra packing materials needed to ship
  • May break or open during shipment
  • More expensive to ship
  • Label and artwork options are limited

AeroFlexx Pak

  • No molds needed
  • 50-70% less plastic
  • Prep-free shipping
  • No mess upon opening
  • Ships for less money
  • 360 Artwork - No label limitations

Get started with the liquids packaging solution that really is the total package.