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Revolutionizing liquid packaging.

AeroFlexx's innovative technology delivers a lightweight flexible package designed to act like a rigid bottle. 

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Red AeroFlexx Pak Green AeroFlexx Pak with coconuts and pink flowers for the personal care industry Brown AeroFlexx Pak with ice cream sundae for the food industry Blue AeroFlexx Pak with water design for the household industry AeroFlexx Pak with a dog and paw prints for the pet care industry Industrial_Original_Pak_2D_RENDER_v2 (1) aeroflex (1)
Meet AeroFlexx

Think outside the bottle.

We took the positive attributes of rigid and flexible packaging and eliminated the negatives to create an entirely new form of liquid packaging. AeroFlexx is an all-in-one packaging solution that can simplify your brand’s supply chain, can be curbside-recyclable where all plastic bottles are accepted, and deliver an enhanced dispensing experience. 

Family enjoying meal in the kitchen with ketchup and mustard in AeroFlexx Paks
Our Packaging Technology

Disrupting the liquid packaging industry.

At AeroFlexx, we've discovered a better way of packaging, shipping, and dispensing liquids. Built with both brands and consumers in mind, our innovative liquid packaging solution is revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

Illustration of heart
Personal Care

Transform consumers' routines into delights with a better dispensing experience for body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

Illustration of house
Household Products

Household tasks just got easier with a quick tear and self-sealing valve, perfect for hand soap, dish soap, laundry care, and cleaning supplies.

Illustration of dog
Pet Care

Cleaning your pet is now quick and easy with one-hand use and no-spill design for products, including shampoos and conditioners.

Illustration of burger and drink

You can dispense the exact amount of product you need, whether you use a little or a lot of sauces, condiments, syrups, or concentrates.

Illustration of supply chain

Simplify the application of oils and lubricants with our technology, reduce plastic up front, and generate a lower total cost of ownership.

Young girl squeezing condiment out of AeroFlexx Pak onto a burger
Lightweight, flexible, durable package for everyday life.

AeroFlexx Paks are purpose-built and omnichannel-ready. Each pack we produce provides structural rigidity throughout the product's lifecycle and enables prep-free shipping of liquids in today's supply chain.

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Sustainably made from manufacturing to recyclability.

The AeroFlexx Pak is made with significantly less plastic up front and can incorporate recycled content without compromising durability. It is also curbside-recyclable where all plastic bottles are accepted.

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No label limitations with 360-degree, edge-to-edge artwork.

We're giving power back to brands with scalable packaging and custom artwork to maximize brand messaging. Our liquid packaging comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your product needs.

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Global Impact

Protect the planet.

Accelerate progress toward your company's sustainability goals when you do the right thing for your brand—and the planet.

Illustration of plastic bottle
Reduce plastic at the source.

AeroFlexx Paks eliminate up to 85% of virgin plastic compared to traditional bottles. Our 16-ounce stock package weighs only 14 grams.

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Shrink your carbon footprint.

Our streamlined shipping process means fewer trucks on the road, fewer gallons of gas, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Illustration of hand holding globe
Scale for the future of sustainability.

We've simplified the supply chain process and removed unnecessary packaging materials to protect the planet as you scale.

Keep your brand future-focused.


Durable packaging that's built to last.

Manufacture liquid packaging the right way with 50-70 percent less plastic. Traditional packaging manufacturing relies on the use of molds, which are costly to maintain and expensive to change. Our cutting-edge technology is mold-free and tamper-proof off the line, creating a smoother manufacturing process and improving the bottom line.

Two Aeroflexx Paks on counter top

Custom designs that stand out on shelves.

At AeroFlexx, our innovation transforms your packaging process from start to finish. We're giving more power back to brands with 360-degree artwork so you can showcase your brand's unique style and attract the attention of new consumers.

Person holding an AeroFlexx Pak

Faster shipping with fewer headaches.

We make shipping straightforward and hassle-free. Traditional bottles break or spill during shipping. With AeroFlexx Paks, you and your customers get peace of mind with mess-free shipping every time. Plus, our packs are Amazon ISTA 6 approved for SIOC and over boxing, so they ship easily in an envelope and eliminate excessive packaging requirements.

Woman bathing a baby with an AeroFlexx Pak of baby soap
Total Value

Lasting results at a lower total cost.

Not only does our process get products to consumers faster but also at a lower total cost for brands. Thanks to streamlined manufacturing and sustainable shipping methods, you can deliver more inventory to more consumers at a fraction of the cost. 

Designed. Tested. Approved.

Person squeezing chocolate syrup out of an AeroFlexx Pak onto an ice cream sundae
Ease of Use

Created for ultimate consumer satisfaction.

AeroFlexx Paks have been designed with your customers in mind. Airframe technology maintains the pack's structural integrity throughout its entire lifecycle. Our one-step easy tear and self-sealing valve offer open-and-close ease of use. Plus, our precision control allows consumers to dispense liquid in small doses, drop by drop, for a simple, mess-free experience.

Green AeroFlexx Pak with dish soap

Mess-free from the first drop to the last.

Traditional bottles often spill or make messes during the shipping process, which in turn, leads to customer dissatisfaction. AeroFlexx Paks, on the other hand, arrive in perfect condition, are mess-free, and remain leak-free, even if they're dropped.

Young girl squeezing condiment out of AeroFlexx Pak onto a burger
Who We Are

Let's build better together.

As leaders in sustainable liquid packaging, we're disrupting the industry and changing the way consumers and brands alike think about the future of packaging. We're committed to helping brands like yours succeed. Together, we'll push the limits to expand what's possible—for your business and for the entire industry.