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See how the AeroFlexx Pak is a better solution.

Our AeroFlexx Pak is made of a flexible material but designed to act like a rigid bottle, combining the best qualities of both in a single solution.

Aeroflexx Original 16oz Pak
Red Aeroflexx Pak
How Our Liquid Packaging Works

Meet us at the intersection of structure and flexibility.

At AeroFlexx, we drive innovation, deliver superior packaging, and promote sustainability initiatives. We've taken the best qualities of traditional packaging to create a new, innovative packaging concept that will transform the way both brands and consumers think about liquid packaging of the future.

Red AeroFlexx Pak
Red AeroFlexx Pak
Red AeroFlexx Pak
Red AeroFlexx Pak
Back view of a red AeroFlexx Pak
Red AeroFlexx Pak
Red AeroFlexx Pak


Our airframe technology protects the liquid and ensures AeroFlexx Paks keep their shape, durability, and structural rigidity throughout their entire lifecycle. We use air instead of plastic to create this structure.


Unlike traditional bottles, AeroFlexx Paks are made of flexible material, reducing the plastic used up front and making it easy to squeeze.  

Also, unfilled flat packs reduce the carbon
footprint. (Flat packages equal fewer trucks on the road and lower carbon emissions.) Plus, 1.2 million AeroFlexx Paks fit on a standard empty truck compared to 120,000 traditional bottles!

Easy Tear

The AeroFlexx Pak opens with one tear. Now, the consumer experience is easier than ever before with our quick-tear technology. There are no more bulky bottles or cumbersome closures. 

Self-Sealing Valve

With the squeeze of one hand, dispense liquid more precisely and cut down on waste. In turn, this enhances the consumer experience. Your customers—and the planet—will thank you.

360-Degree Artwork

All of our liquid packaging offers 360-degree artwork, meaning no label limitations or sacrificing your brand’s integrity. On top of that, our AeroFlexx Pak accommodates a variety of design shapes and sizes—no molds, labels, or closures needed.


Right off the production line, the AeroFlexx Pak is hermetically sealed, tamper-proof, and ready for omnichannel distribution. The AeroFlexx Pak enables prep-free shipping. No extra packing materials are needed. Place it in an envelope or box, and it will arrive in perfect condition. 

Our liquid packaging is optimized for omnichannel use. Because we’re ISTA 6-Amazon approved for ships in own container (SIOC) and over boxing, our AeroFlexx Paks can be placed in an envelope or box without additional styrofoam or other packing material.

Design Your Own

See your brand come to life. We'll show you exactly how your designs will look on our AeroFlexx Paks.

What Sets AeroFlexx Apart

We do liquid packaging differently.

When you rethink the way bottles are made, you revolutionize the brand and consumer experience. At AeroFlexx, we're proud to do both as we disrupt packaging innovation in the industry.

Illustrated plastic bottle
Up to 85 Percent Less Plastic

Create a faster, more sustainable method for packing liquids.

Illustrated shipping box
Simple, Cost-Effective Shipping

Ship on time—and at a lower cost—with our flat shipping model.

Illustration of two circles with
Effortless Customization

With 360-degree brand packaging, you can stand out on shelves.

No Molds Needed

Streamline your production process and save on maintenance costs.

Illustration of torn label
One-Step, Easy Tear

AeroFlexx Paks don't use caps, making them easy for consumers to use.

Illustration of thumbs up gesture
One-Handed Operation

Dispense every pack's liquid with ease thanks to flexible, squeezable material.

Illustration of a drop of liquid
Precision Dispensing

Make each AeroFlexx Pak last longer with dose-by-dose precision.

Global Impact

Protect the planet.

With AeroFlexx, you gain unprecedented sustainability benefits, from manufacturing to shipping, as you scale your brand for a sustainable future.

Illustration of plastic bottle
Reduce plastic at the source.

AeroFlexx Paks eliminate up to 85 percent of plastic compared to traditional bottles. Our 16-ounce stock package weighs only 14 grams.

Illustration of arrows in a circle
Shrink your carbon footprint.

Our streamlined shipping process means fewer trucks on the road, fewer gallons of gas, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Illustration of hand holding globe
Scale for the future of sustainability.

We've simplified the supply chain process and removed unnecessary packaging materials to protect the planet as you scale.

Getting started has never been easier.

Ready to see what AeroFlexx can do to improve your bottom line? We're here to help.

Man sitting with a headset on, talking to a customer on the phone
Step 1

Let's Chat!

Our sales team is happy to discuss the viability of your brand and products moving to the AeroFlexx Pak.

Employee presenting a proposal to a group sitting around a conference table
Step 2

Custom Proposal

AeroFlexx uses a custom approach to understand your business needs, economic benefits, sustainability, and brand growth. 

Three AeroFlexx Paks on a white background
Step 3


Our graphic design team creates a 2D mock-up of what the potential partner’s product would look like as an AeroFlexx Pak and sends you samples of products already in the package.

Person squeezing chocolate syrup out of an AeroFlexx Pak onto ice cream sundaes
Step 4


You know your customers best. Let us help by sharing key insights to help your team design artwork, conduct market research, and execute a go-to-market strategy.

Calendar with the word
Step 5

Full Launch

You're ready to launch your product in the AeroFlexx Pak!