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AeroFlexx Pak of laundry detergent
AeroFlexx Pak of laundry detergent

Product FAQs

Is the AeroFlexx Pak a flexible or rigid package?

The AeroFlexx Pak is made of a flexible film but designed to act like a rigid bottle. Our proprietary airframe technology provides structural rigidity throughout the product's lifecycle. We use air, not plastic, to accomplish the rigid bottle-like structure. 

What is the dispensing experience?

The integrated self-sealing valve gives consumers the benefits of precise dispensing and no-touch closing after each use, enhancing the overall experience in every application.

What shapes and sizes are available?

We offer a range of stock sizes and shapes as well as customizable options per customer request. 

What product categories does the AeroFlexx Pak support?

AeroFlexx is compatible with a variety of liquids across categories such as personal care, food, household products, pet care, and industrial. Liquids within the viscosity of 300-15,000 cps are the ideal range. 

Contact our sales team to explore product compatibility.

Where are packages available?

Packages are currently available in the Americas and Eastern Europe. We expect to grow rapidly into Asia markets by 2025.

Does the AeroFlexx Pak cost more? 

No, we work in partnership with brands to demonstrate how the AeroFlexx Pak reduces their total cost of ownership. The three main cost savings include: 

Smart sourcing: The AeroFlexx Pak is an all-in-one liquid package, removing 3-4 components (e.g., traditional bottle, cap/spray trigger, label, and induction seal), resulting in simplified sourcing. There are fewer delays in production and fewer trucks on the road. Plus, the packs take up minimal space when stored.

Shipping durability: Our innovative, tamper-proof packaging and self-sealing top valve are designed to eliminate leaks and deliver a prep-free shipping solution. The AeroFlexx Pak arrives in perfect condition every time. Plus, AeroFlexx Pak is Amazon ISTA 6 approved for SIOC and over boxing.

Elimination of molds: None of our solutions require molds, making it easier and quicker to design and produce your packaging.

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Manufacturing FAQs

Are there unique machines?

Yes, our packs requires a unique filling machine. 

How are the packages being filled?  

We offer three delivery models: 

  • We Fill: 
    • Our turnkey solution. The brands ship us their product, and then we make the packs, fill them, and ship them.
  • You Fill: 
    • The filling machine at your brand's location takes the flat AeroFlexx Paks, fills them with product and air, and ships them. 

  • They Fill: 
    • The filling machine at a co-manufacturing partner takes the flat AeroFlexx Paks, fills them with product and air, and ships them.
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Sustainability FAQs

How much less plastic do AeroFlexx Paks typically use than traditional bottles?

AeroFlexx Paks eliminate up to 85 percent of plastic compared to traditional bottles.

Can you put recycled content into a pack?

Yes, we can incorporate up to 50 percent recycled content into the AeroFlexx Pak today. Our goal is to eventually get to 100 percent recycled content.

Is the AeroFlexx Pak recyclable?

Yes, the package is curbside recyclable where plastic bottles are accepted. It is not recyclable in all communities, so check locally.

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Company FAQs

Who is AeroFlexx?

AeroFlexx supplies liquid packaging solutions and filling equipment across multiple industries to satisfy customer needs. AeroFlexx Paks are one of the most sustainable liquid packaging solutions on the market today.

Who do I contact for general press inquiries?

For general press inquiries, please email

Where do I find AeroFlexx's BRCGS Packaging Certification?