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Flexible Pouches vs. Rigid Packing: Why the AeroFlexx Pak Is the Better Option

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As today’s brands focus more on providing consumers with eco-friendly, durable, and easy-to-use packaging, there are opportunities to consider more innovative alternatives to rigid and flexible packaging. Constructed with the best features of rigid and flexible packaging merged into a single solution, AeroFlexx Paks offer brands and consumers sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective liquid packaging.


The Challenges of Flexible Packaging and Rigid Packaging

Both flexible and rigid packaging require closures and added pieces such as caps, lids, and pumps. These parts aren’t always recyclable. Additionally, when shipped, extra materials are often required to help limit leaks and spills. 

The consumer dispensing experience for a lot of flexible and rigid packaging options can also be unpredictable. Sometimes, more product comes out than intended, and other times, it can be difficult to get all the contents out of the packaging. This not only contributes to waste but can also be frustrating for consumers.


How AeroFlexx Outperforms Other Options

AeroFlexx liquid packaging combines the lightness and durability of flexible packaging but without losing shape, similar to rigid packaging. It’s also recyclable, easy to ship, and offers an easy dispensing experience for consumers.

Here are three areas where AeroFlexx Paks are a better option than flexible and rigid packaging:

1. Environmentally Sustainable Packaging 

Only nine percent of plastic worldwide is recycled, according to a report, and unfortunately, flexible and rigid packaging may be less sustainable than many think. Many of these packaging solutions are made with multiple components, such as pumps, wrapping, and induction seals. Given these mixed-plastic components, the packaging isn’t always recyclable. 

Alternatively, AeroFlexx Paks offer brands a single-component packaging solution that opens with just one tear. As a result, they use 70 percent less plastic than plastic bottles. They’re not only recyclable, but they also address recyclability at the source because they’re made from 50 percent recycled content.

AeroFlexx Paks also promote sustainability during shipping. When unfilled, they ship flat, so more Paks fit into every box. As a result, there are fewer trucks on the road, fewer carbon emissions, and a much simpler supply chain. Once empty AeroFlexx Paks reach their destination, they’re ready for filling and distribution across all of your retail channels.

2. Easy Dispensing Experience

The whole point of adding caps and pumps is to prevent waste and help consumers dispense only what they need. But these closures aren’t always as precise as they should be. Sometimes, rigid containers leave a lot of product inside. And because many closures are add-on parts and pieces, they can leak and get damaged in shipping.

AeroFlexx Paks have a built-in self-sealing valve that allows users to dispense the amount they need. There’s no separate dispenser, and the Paks are also leakproof. As a result, consumers can dispense liquids more precisely without worrying about waste, spills, or leaks.

3. A Simpler Supply Chain

The AeroFlexx Pak doesn’t require labels or molds; it offers superior packaging in a single all-in-one pack. With this simplified sourcing, there are no unnecessary packaging materials and a quicker filling and shipping process.

In place of separate labels, AeroFlexx Paks offer greater brand creativity. They can be customized by size, shape, design, and 360-degree artwork, all without the equipment, inventory space, and shipping expenses required for separate labels.


A More Innovative Packaging Solution

Other flexible pouches and rigid packaging options have their share of advantages and disadvantages. But AeroFlexx Paks take the best of those packaging solutions to offer brands and consumers a better, more sustainable packaging alternative. To learn more about how AeroFlexx Paks are revolutionizing liquid packaging, meet us at the intersection of structure and flexibility

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