"We have an unwavering obligation to society and future generations to do our part without compromise"

Andrew MeyerCEO

Source Reduction – the most immediate and impactful approach to reducing your environmental footprint

The unfortunate reality is that while humans create 300 million tons of plastic waste each year, only 15% is actually recycled. That means approximately 255 million tons of recyclable plastic is entering our landfills and oceans every year. That’s why AeroFlexx is tackling this issue head-on by reducing our use of plastic at the source.

  • Using 50-70% less plastic up front reduces our carbon footprint in the end – a lighter package lowers energy consumption and supply chain requirements!
  • Less weight to ship, less transportation required, fewer emissions.
  • Unbreakable design eliminates triple packaging requirements
    producing less E-commerce waste.
  • Reducing the amount of plastic we use at the source leads to over a 40% reduction in plastic being introduced in the environment.

By Adopting AeroFlexx, You Can Help Save

196.2 million lbs. of Waste
13.1 million gals. of gas
51.4 million lbs. of CO2e
119.9 million kWh of Energy