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AeroFlexx and Fameccanica
form partnership


AeroFlexx and Fameccanica form partnership to accelerate the development and manufacturing of revolutionary packaging solution


Fameccanica was selected after a global evaluation of world class machine manufacturers to design, fabricate and scale both the converting and liquid filling equipment for AeroFlexx

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AeroFlexx announced a partnership with Fameccanica, an innovation-based group focusing on diversified industrial automated machinery. With an innovative approach to design and wealth of experience in web converting and liquid filling machinery, Fameccanica will make its technological expertise and know-how available for the development of the lead commercial line which will produce AeroFlexx’s revolutionary liquid packaging solution. 

Procter & Gamble selected Innventure to commercialize AeroFlexx after five years of extensive R&D and consumer testing. AeroFlexx has sole exclusive rights to commercialize the technology across all global categories with any partner. The AeroFlexx package is a sustainable, customer-focused package solution that uses at least 50 percent less plastic, enhances the consumer experience and is easier to ship throughout the supply chain. AeroFlexx recently was awarded the prestigious Dow Diamond Packaging Award in September of 2018.

“Organizations are increasingly seeking ways to accelerate growth while reducing their environmental footprint, due in part to e-commerce and the fast-paced evolution of products,” said Andrew Meyer, CEO of AeroFlexx. “There is a large demand for innovative packaging solutions that delivers on both while creating a better consumer experience.”

AeroFlexx chose to work with Fameccanica, which is headquartered in Pescara, Italy, after undergoing a global evaluation of world class machine manufacturers. The two companies share a common vision in making AeroFlexx the most significant packaging disruption of the next decade and share in the commitment for non-stop innovation. Fameccanica’s expertise is in converting and liquid filling equipment, which is key to the AeroFlexx manufacturing process. The company operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and China, with global reach for sales, service and support.

“We were immediately attracted to AeroFlexx based on the uniqueness of the product and its inherent potential. Fameccanica is best known for our leading position in diversified industrial automated machinery and we strive to live by our motto ‘Non-stop innovation,’” said Alessandro Bulfon, GM of Fameccanica Group. “The combination of the two companies will leverage technology adjacency, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the attention to sustainability and environment protection and will be the driver to provide new and superior solutions for all AeroFlexx Customers.”

AeroFlexx is a portfolio company of Innventure, a Wasson Enterprise Partnership. Learn more at

Fameccanica is a joint venture company between Procter & Gamble and Angelini. Learn more at

About AeroFlexx
AeroFlexx is revolutionizing the liquid packaging industry by offering the only flexible package with an air-chamber that provides rigid qualities to a flexible package. Our proprietary package, invented by Procter & Gamble, is customer centric, contains at least 50 percent less plastic, allows for greater flexibility in size and shape; provides efficiency in manufacturing; has no label limitations, thanks to seamless edge-to-edge artwork; and meets e-commerce and sustainability requirements. In September of 2018, AeroFlexx won the prestigious Dow Diamond Packaging Award.

About Fameccanica
Fameccanica is the world leader in the supply of innovation-based, diversified industrial automated machinery. Since 1975 we distinguished ourselves for our cutting-edge technology, constant innovation and the ability to work in partnership with customers and suppliers. Our global presence in three continents brings us logistically closer to our customers integrating local skills with the values and expertise of our headquarters. We delivered more than 1,000 machines to more than 70 countries always leaving a trustworthy trail.

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